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These questions and their answers will no doubt be added to as time progresses.


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1. EVERYONE staying in the main hotel  has been contacted and has now been assigned an event ticket. You will be receiving a private link late March to purchase the tickets. People in your group who may be ‘newbies’ are fine for tickets ONLY IF THEY ARE ALREADY LISTED AS STAYING IN THE MAIN HOTEL.

2. EVERYONE ELSE had to send in a ticket request. If you didn’t do that then you won’t get a ticket. 

Tickets will go on sale for those on the waiting list in April.

In the main hotel, no. Please try alternatives here once you have your ticket confirmed.

Options will be between a daytime and evening cocktail session, priced at £80 for the event or an additional two late night parties on Friday and Saturday priced at £110.  They will be on sale in April.

The new home for 2021 is Blue Line hotel in VillaJoyosa.  It is situated just 30 minutes from Alicante Centre and 20 minutes from Benidorm and/or San Juan.

Click here for Hotel website

Click here to view more on VillaJoyosa

Confirmed dates are Fri 1st October until the closing party on Wed 6th October 2021

We have a very active Facebook Group where you can ask others this question.

Use Skyscanner to search ALL your options for different dates and times and ALL available airlines.

There is no better way to find flights. Look for the option to create email alerts to be notified when prices go up or down.

Hit it right, you could pay as low as £80 return ! Miss out, the most expensive flights tend to be around £160-£200 return.

Where do I fly to?

Alicante airport is your first choice. It is 35 minutes by car.

You can (if absolutely necessary) fly to RMU (Murcia) which is 1hr 30 mins by car or Valencia airport which is 1hr 40 mins by car.

Yes. All establishments allow you to check in anytime after 2pm through to the early hours of the morning. Sometimes your room may even be ready for you if you arrive before 2pm.

Reception of the Blue Line Hotel. Details TBC.

We have a lot of people that decide to see what the fuss is about and come alone. They go home with a whole new bunch of friends.

We recommend you join our Facebook Group and ask if anyone is looking to share.

Tickets will be highly reduced for 2021. Please do not book alternate accommodation or flights until you have purchased your event ticket.

Check the Hotel page, alternatives will be available.

Please join the mailing list for any important updates as rooms become scarce.


The daytime parties are for everyone, the area is perfect for families to come and you could take it in turn to babysit one of the nights.  

Children under 16 will not require passes. 

If you have never attended an event before, it’s highly unlikely.

Once the DJs are confirmed we hope nothing changes, although sometimes situations force DJs to change their plans.

Experience tells us that this can even be at the last minute. The event has also been known to be that good, the DJs party so hard they occasionally forget they are meant to be playing and miss their set time.

Joking aside, we are also at the mercy of the airline companies. Sometimes strike action or serious delays may mean DJs cannot reach us on time, if at all. 


There are no discounts or day/night-only passes available at all.

We spend your money on making the party the best it can possibly be, as the event draws near there simply is no money to refund !

The passes are strictly non-transferable between persons.

You cannot purchase passes without accepting these terms and conditions.

Please do not ask for a refund as a refusal often offends !

  1. Where do I buy my ticket ?
  2. I can’t remember if I bought a ticket, how can I check ?
  3. I can’t remember what name I put on my ticket ?
  4. I can’t find the receipt for my ticket ?
  5. Do you post physical tickets ?

  Tickets on sale April 2021  

We have a new automated ticketing system using QR Scanning. Search emails from Vocal Booth Weekender Ticketing Office. You will find your confirmation email containing a download link. You WILL 100% need this ticket to gain admission.

   for your ticket if you can’t find the email.