2021 saw us venture to pastures new for the next chapter in our story.

The Vocal Booth Weekender has grown organically from a core group of people, lovingly referred to as THE FAMILY.

Different groups of people, united by the same love for all things soulful met for the first time back in 2009, face to face, after months of online fun during Andy Ward’s Vocal Booth Radio Show.

Their lives have never been the same again.

We are Soul people, funk people, disco people, acid house people. We are Soul All-Dayer veterans, Southport Weekender veterans, Deep House Soldiers. Our ages range from 21 – 60+ (and the 60 yr olds are as at home as the 21 yr olds).

Slowly but surely, each year friends invite new friends along to Spain and Reunions back in the UK and The Family grows. It all sounds very cliché but you really have to witness the friendliness at a VB gathering.

How is it so friendly ?

Despite the hype, VB is still a relatively small event with around 600 people attending. This means that if you don’t know many people when you arrive, you are sure to know plenty by the time you leave. Time after time, people decide to try out the event, taking the plunge and coming alone. It was the best thing they ever did.

Another important thing to realise is, The Family is ALL INCLUSIVE !

If you are stood at the bar and someone doesn’t recognise you, they won’t just ignore you, they’ll introduce themselves and their friends. That’s just how we roll.

With years of clubbing experience between The Family, many of whom are DJs, promoters and producers themselves, we know how important it is to party hard in the company of like-minded people.

New friendships are formed at every event, memories are made for life, life is too short for anything less !