Vocal Booth Weekender
is an event like no other, with a crowd like no other.

Set in the beautiful town of Villajoyosa on the Costa Blanca ,celebrating glorious sunshine well into the winter months, VBW is perfectly situated to make your whole experience one to cherish.

Every person that attends has a vested interest in the wellbeing of the party and our crowd, known as The Family, go out of their way to make it what it is and to welcome you along as a newcomer.

Our guest DJs are amongst some of the best in the world, supported by a group of Resident DJs that would hold their own on the stage of any major festival.

Feeling is believing.

Music across the entire week is carefully programmed to provide the RIGHT VIBE for the RIGHT MOMENT. Whether you take your music laced with Soul or prefer a little more edge once the sun goes down, Vocal Booth Weekender is considered ‘up there’ by many of the world’s finest  as one of THE most comprehensive and dedicated underground events.

VB2023 After Movie Coming Soon

There are very few festivals that embody what this music is supposed to be about...
about Unity, about Togetherness, about Love.
Vocal Booth is EXACTLY THAT.
N'Dinga Gaba

Weekly Radio Show

The VB Story

Read the story of The Vocal Booth in a series of paperback and Hardback books.

Also available to read for FREE digitally.