FREE Success Coaching Session @ VB2023


The Session is free. The payment is for optional food and drinks.   We recommend everyone purchases a Seat + Food option although it is not compulsory.

Your €15 gets you:

  • Tapas Lunch Menu + Refreshments
  • E-Colours Information Booklet
  • Personality Diversity Indicator Wristband


Once your seat is purchased, you’ll receive a link to take a PDI questionnaire and find out your own e-Colours. Get ready to have your mind blown!

Scroll down for further details


Monday 2nd October – 12 Noon – 3.30pm (with 30 minute snack break).

12-1pm E-colours awareness session, with Coach Mark Wilkinson and practitioners Andy Ward & Emma Wilkinson. Includes a Breakout Session for each E-colour.

1 -1.30pm Break

1.30-2pm Relationship (Business & Personal) Coaching Session.  Utilising learnings from the 1st session, personality diversity and conflict resolution.

2-3pm Marketing and Money. Specific advice for DJs & musicians and also for business and entrepreneurs of any kind:

  • Overcoming fear
  • Market successfully
  • Create multiple sources of income