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A brand new portal into hidden extras and content.


‘access’ has been formulated over the last few months. It will offer content and discounts for those who see value in being part of the programme.  

First and foremost, it adds members into a prize draw where they can win in excess of £150 every month. We have been testing this out live on the VB Radio Show and it works really well and people love the involvement.


If this is of no interest to you then don’t worry… You won’t notice a thing!


For just £10 a month, individuals will:

  • Be entered into a monthly draw where the winner will receive a minimum cash payout of £150*.
  • Receive 10% discount off any VBW TICKET (UK/Spain etc).
  • Receive commission for group bookings in the future (excluding VB2021, details tbc).
  • A Gift Bag, exclusive to ‘access’ members at VBW containing some very special memorabilia.  **If you aren’t attending VBW we will post your gift bag to you (delivery not included).
  • ‘access’ to invite-only Live DJ Streams, either before, during or after VB events. 


So basically, you’re getting a shit load of great stuff and a chance to win a pocket load of cash for just £10 a month!


I’m in! How do we crack on?


Read the rest of the info then ‘Subscribe using the Secure PayPal Button‘ below.

Updates on all ‘access’ content will continue to be sent out via the monthly VBW newsletter. There will be areas within this website and other platforms purely for ‘access’ members in the future, including live video streams and extra podcast recordings of the event.

All event DJ sets will still be available afterwards for all VB Family.

Not interested or bad timing?

No problem. You can join at any time. Be aware we will be closing registration once we it 50 members.

It is important that you do not feel alienated or no longer appreciated if you aren't an 'access' member. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are VB Family because of you and that will NEVER change!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Entry into ‘access’ provides exclusive content, prize giveaways and VBW discounts only whilst your subscription is active.
  • Anyone subscribed for less than 6 months before an official VBW event in Spain will NOT be eligible for a Gift Bag.
  • If you cancel your subscription within 3 months of creating it, you will be required to refund any discount redeemed for VBW tickets.
  • We will create some kind of (extra) loyalty scheme for those who remain subscribed throughout the year.
  • 10% off VBW tickets are solely available to individual members of access and not group purchases.
  • Entry to the prize draw will close at 12 noon (UK time) on the day of the draw. Anyone joining access later than this will be entered into the following month.
  • Prize draw will take place during the final VB Radio Show of each month, live on air. The winner will also be revealed in monthly newsletter.
  • *We reserve the right to add cash tiers if the cash pot allows. Minimum payout will always be £150 for winner.
  • Cash payout will increase in relation to number of members.
  • ‘access’ reserves the right, at any moment, to refund your latest payment and cancel your subscription before the monthly prize draw. This will only occur if membership levels drop below a sustainable number.
  • We reserve the right to revoke membership at any time with no refund offered if you are seen to share or abuse unique codes provided to you.
  • Your statutory rights are not affected… whatever that means!

You should not cancel or amend your subscription to Family237 to join ‘access’.  Subscription to Family237 has no bearing on ‘access’.