If you are having difficulty emailing Flamenca Holiday Rentals for your transfers…
Here is their direct website

The following apply whether you are coming for 3 days, a week or 10 days.

Transport options:

Cost Benefit Downside
VB minibus – Get on a bus with other VB Family From only €10 Cheap and Fun Possible delays while waiting for others
Private Taxi from Airport Murcia Airport approx €30, Alicante €70-80 Fast and convenient The most expensive
Local Transport i.e Become a Bus Wanker From only €10 Become a real tourist and see some amazing sights Takes upwards of 2 hours and you could end up in Morocco
Walk Zero Euros You’ll get a great tan and a wonderful workout on your legs It’ll take over 10 hours and you’ll probably get asked for a blow job by passing motorists.


1. Get on the VB Family minibus. Regardless of the day or time you arrive. Our Transport partners operate holiday rentals and have clients (who need a lift to the area) coming ALL YEAR round.

We recommend you follow the instructions below to submit your info and get on a bus with other VB Family. Cheapest price – 10 Euro each. Benefits – Cheap and fun. Downside – If you aren’t in a large party you may have to wait up to an hour or more for others to arrive.

2. Get a taxi. From Murcia = around 30 euro. From Alicante around 70 euro. Benefits – By far the most convenient. Downside – the most expensive.

There is a taxi rank outside the terminal. You do not need to book.

3. Get a bus. Buses from Alicante airport into Torrevieja and then onto Campoamor. Cost around 10 euro but takes a couple of hours. Benefits – Nice and cheap and you get to see more of the area. Downside – It’s long and if you’re alone you may get nervous if you don’t speak Spanish.

4. Walk. Cost – Zero. Time – 10 hours. Benefits – You’ll have a great tan for the event. Downside – You’ll stink.

Email Flamenca Holiday Rentals Now… someone will take care of all the rest and get back in touch.

How does it work ?

  1. You mail them your flight details (as do hundreds of others)
  2. THEY do the hard work of collating all flight times and putting you all on a bus at the same time
  3. A full bus means you only pay approx €10 for your seat.
  4. You will be contacted nearer the time with your bus times and further info
  5. If they don’t have others on a suitable bus they CAN organise a cheaper, private taxi for you.

This always seems to create problems EVERY year as people try to organise it themselves. If you just trust the system it DOES work !

Transport is an 8 seater mini-bus.

  • Murcia airport (15 mins) – Recommended to just get a taxi !!!
  • Alicante airport (40 mins) – Prices tbc, approx 75/80 euro

Please note:
Your details will be logged and as the event approaches seats will be allocated to others arriving on your flight or at times close to your arrival.

If you are in a group of 3 or 4 flying into Murcia, you may as well grab a cab for the same price !!

There is a taxi rank outside the terminal. You do not need to book.