Genuine questions we get asked on a regular basis.

When is Vocal Booth Weekender ?

The main event is Fri, Sat and Sun 15, 16 and 17 September 2017.  There are 3 nights of club parties and 3 daytime pool parties.

We carry on until Wed 20th September, with a more relaxed daytime vibe and late night action in a separate bar/club from the hotel.

A pool party on the final night will close out proceedings.

If you don’t want to miss anything you need to fly home on or after Thu 21st September.

Where is Vocal Booth Weekender ?


Where do  I purchase tickets ?

Click here to buy tickets now

When do you post out the tickets?

We have a new automated ticketing system using QR Scanning. Search emails from Vocal Booth Weekender Ticketing Office. You will find your confirmation email containing a download link. You WILL 100% need this ticket to gain admission.

I didn’t receive any email after paying / I can’t find my receipt, what do I do ?

Click here to find the download link for your ticket. YOU NEED THIS!

Where do I fly to?

Alicante or Murcia.  Read here to find out the difference between the two airports.

Where and when is everyone flying? How much should I be paying for flights?

We have a very active Facebook Group where you can ask others this question. To find the best deal on flights look to the right on your pc or scroll down on your mobile. Use the Skyscanner form to search ALL your options for different dates and times and ALL available airlines. There is no better way to find flights. Look for the option to create email alerts to be notified when prices go up or down. Hit it right, you could pay as low as £80 return ! Miss out, the most expensive flights tend to be around £160-£200 return.

How do I get from the airport to the hotels ?

Full information here

What hotels are there ?

All your accommodation options are here

I’m thinking of coming alone, can I share accomomdation ?

We have a lot of people that decide to see what the fuss is about and come alone. They go home with a whole new bunch of friends. We recommend you join our Facebook Group and ask if anyone is looking to share. The Palmera Hotel is highly recommended if you want to share with people you do not know as it provides plenty of privacy with separate bedrooms and large living area.

What am I missing by not being in the primary hotel (Montepiedra) ?

Nothing, except the convenience of having your room right there when you need it.  The Palmera Apart-hotel is a very easy walk along the beach to the Montepiedra and the night time action at club Xairo is adjoining the Montepiedra.

Will I be allowed into the primary hotel if I am not staying there?

Yes, your pass will give you access to all the parties and poolside of the primary hotel during the day.

What happens when the two main hotels sell out ?

Check the bookings page, alternatives are available. Please join the mailing list for any important updates as rooms become scarce.

Can anyone come ?

Yes. The daytime parties are for everyone, the area is even perfect for families to come and you could take it in turn to babysit one of the nights.  Children under 16 will not require passes.  Children are not allowed as guests in the Montepiedra hotel !!

I’m a DJ, can I get a slot ?

We do try to accommodate any DJs within The Family and find them a slot somewhere but only after you have been to see what the event is all about.

I’m a DJ, what’s my set time and how long do I play for ?

The timetable will be released a few weeks before the event.

I’m a great singer, can I grab the mic and have a go while I’m there ?

If you have not been invited to perform at the event, do not embarrass us or yourself by asking to sing and definitely don’t show yourself up by jumping on the mic without permission.. it might get messy !

Can I enter Clash of the Titans ?

If you’ve attended VBW already, then you are more than welcome to enter. Get in touch to see if there are any spaces left.

Do I need a car ?

No, If you are here to party and chill for a few days either side, there is everything in the locality, a short taxi ride will get you to wherever you need.

Will the line up change ?

Once the DJs are confirmed we hope nothing changes, although sometimes situations force DJs to change their plans. Experience tells us that this can even be at the last minute. The event has also been known to be that good, the DJs party so hard they occasionally forget they are meant to be playing and miss their set time.

When do I have to pay ?

You will deal direct with the hotels or rental agents for accommodation, different places will have different specifications.
We will be monitoring the number of passes sold and make announcements once they appear to be in short supply. We will NOT make false claims about selling out… if we suggest you get a pass quick, get one quick !

There will be a deadline of August 1st, after this date any passes bought will not be personalised.  Prices will also increase.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

Our lovely new automated system means you can just show your ticket/QR Code on your phone/tablet etc, but to be safe why not just bring the print-out anyway !

I only want to come for two nights, do I get a discount ?

The ticket price is for the main weekend, Fri, Saturday & Sunday poolside and club entry. Everything else is an added bonus for anyone with a ticket, so no, there are no discounts and day/night only passes are only available via special request through existing Family Members.

Why are the passes non-refundable if I cannot make the event ?

We spend your money on making the party the best it can possibly be, as the event draws near there simply is no money to refund ! The passes are strictly non-transferable between persons. You cannot purchase passes without accepting these terms and conditions. Please do not ask for a refund as a refusal often offends !

What will the weather be like ?

At this time of year the chances of rain are extremely low.  For all the events so far, rain has never really been an issue. Temperatures could be anything from 24-30 degrees. For a full run down on the climate click here. It can get a little nippy early morning and late at night so a hoody/tracky top might be needed.

What money do they use in Spain ?

That will be Euros

How much will I spend ?

Really !!??

Will I like the food in Spain ?


I heard the milk is horrible there, Why ?

Really !!??

Will anyone be bringing CDJs ?

Yes, Julie !

What’s the dress code for White Night?

Piss off !

What are the dates for all the other VB events and reunions ?

You can find all the events for the year we have planned by clicking here.

We’ve heard that the crowd is a little ‘cliquéy’ and doesn’t welcome newcomers, is that true ?

BULLSHIT ! Come join our Facebook Group here and see what a friendly bunch we all are.

I’ve heard there’s a secret Swinger’s Club at VBW, is this true ?

Not at all, however if you are into that kind of thing feel free to send us some photos in and we’ll see what we can do 😉

These questions and their answers will no doubt be added to as time progresses.